The Penny Pep nominated to the Swedish Content Awards

At Alektum Group, we have a clear vision – to guide and inspire people to balanced and sustainable personal finances.

We have for many years worked actively to realise our vision, through initiatives such as Shop Lagom and the Penny Pep. Unfortunately, we see that more and more young people end up in debt and we want to try to counteract this. We want to make a difference by increasing young people’s financial knowledge. Research shows that money habits are formed at an early age. With the Penny Pep, we set out to inspire parents to give their children a good financial foundation and understanding before they step into adulthood.

Through these purpose driven initiatives the ambition was to build the Alektum Group brand and position us as a modern, compassionate and responsible debt collection company. The effects have been enormous, and we have increased the brand awareness for Alektum Group in Sweden from 7% to 20% in only three years. At the same time, we have managed to build awareness for the Penny Pep and Shop Lagom initiatives and reached a level of brand awareness that today is 22% in the general population for both initiatives individually, a fact that is both amazing and humbling.

Now, we are looking forward to seeing how we can apply the knowledge we have gained to all of our markets, and position us as the preferred partner to our customers – helping people to live a life they can afford, today and tomorrow.

It is therefore really exciting that we are recognised for the transformation of our brand, and that the Penny Pep has been nominated in the “brand journey” category in one of Sweden’s most prominent communications contests – the Swedish Content Awards.

To learn more about the contest, please visit: https://www.resume.se/kommunikation/tavling/byraerna-som-ar-nominerade-for-swedish-content-awards-2022/ or https://swedishcontentawards.com/