Second place in the Swedish Content Awards’ Brand Journey of the Year!

Last week we were awarded second place in the Swedish Content Awards’ Brand Journey of the Year. With the Penny Pep, we want to use our knowledge to make a difference while at the same time transform the traditional perception of a debt collection company. We are happy and honored to get acknowledge for our vision – to inspire and help people live a life they can afford, today and tomorrow.

We see a worrying increase in over-indebted young people and the level of financial literacy is low.

Parents play a crucial role in children’s attitudes towards money. But in today’s more and more cashless society it is difficult for parents to teach their children about the value of money.

At the same time, one in five parents worry that their children will struggle financially as adults.

This is why we launched the Penny Pep in Sweden last summer.

”Our initiative, the Penny Pep, is fully aligned with our core values – social responsibility and financial sustainability. We want to make a difference by increasing young people’s financial knowledge. Research shows that habits around finances are formed already when children are as young as 6-7 years old, therefore we want to offer parents inspiration, information and the tools they need to give their children a good financial foundation and understanding”, says Moa Tyborn, SVP Corporate Communications and Marketing, Alektum Group

To learn more about the initiative visit: pengapeppen.se