Resurs Bank and Shop Lagom

Shop Lagom is part of our social responsibility agenda. Through the initiative, we hope to minimise the number of people becoming over-indebted in society by guiding and helping consumers to make more informed decisions with their finances. Unpaid debts are not good for anyone, neither for the indebted, the merchants, nor society.

This is proof of like-minded companies in the financial industry. As of today, we have reached a new and exciting milestone when we welcome Resurs Bank as a partner. They join us on our journey to help people maintain balanced personal finances. Moa Tyborn, SVP Corporate Communications & Marketing is enthusiastic about the partnership.

“We’re really excited that Resurs has chosen to support Shop Lagom. With them as a partner, and with their vast knowledge of consumer credits, we accelerate the opportunities to get our message across. Hopefully, this partnership will enable more companies to step forward and be a part of this movement. Our vision is that no one should become over-indebted and this is a great step forward!”

Anna Nauclér, CCO, Nordic Payment Solutions at Resurs Bank, sees the partnership as a natural part of the bank’s sustainability-work.

“We are proud to be the first partner of the Shop Lagom initiative and see the partnership as a natural part of our sustainability work. With our experience of offering payment and financing solutions to the market, we see that profitable trade and sustainable personal finances are closely linked. Through Shop Lagom, we get new opportunities to spread knowledge that will help people with their finances”

About Resurs Bank

Resurs is a Nordic niche bank with leading payment and financing solutions for retailers and their customers. We help companies and individuals to borrow, save and pay. With over 40 years of experience, we make it quick, easy and safe to shop, both online and in store. We put the customer experience first and work to both make things fun and the hard to feel easier. Today we have a customer base of approximately 6 million private customers.