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New initiative wants to inspire healthy and sustainable shopping habits and minimise over-indebtedness

Debt collection company Alektum Group is today launching Shop Lagom, an initiative set to inspire consumers to adjust their consumption to their ability to pay.

”As a collection company, we have an important role to fill in the new landscape. We can make a difference. With our initiative, Shop Lagom, our intention is to do just that. To inform and educate people on how to achieve financial balance is one part. Offering the right payment options based on payment ability is another. This way, we can help both individuals and companies to a more stable economy.”, says Mats Augurell, CEO Alektum Group.

The commercial holidays are multiplying yearly. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are now joined by new holidays such as Black Friday and Singles Day. Combined with the fact that different players offer new types of payment solutions, an increasing number of individuals and companies end up in financial constraints.

Many of the collection notes that Alektum Group sends out are still not fully paid after two years. In other words, many invoice- and credit purchases should never have been completed.

Everyone involved must take responsibility and accountability for this. Our initiative, Shop Lagom, is a small step and a call for others to join. The initiative is fully aligned with our core values – social responsibility and financial sustainability. Unpaid debts are not good for anyone – not for the indebted, not for the merchants, not for us or for society as a whole. Through Shop Lagom we want to highlight an important, but rarely talked about, social issue that affects many.” says Moa Tyborn, SVP Corporate Communications & Marketing, Alektum Group.

The website www.shoppalagom.se is the main hub for the initiative. Here you can find advice on managing personal finances, tips and tricks and a simple calculator that shows room for consumption.


For more information

Please visit: www.shoppalagom.se

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