Alektum Group has signed additional contract with Qliro

The agreement makes Alektum Group responsible for all Qliro’s debt collection operations in Scandinavia. The new contract with the fintech company once again shows the quality position Alektum Group has in debt collection.

Confidence in the processes and values of Alektum Group

Qliro’s strong confidence and great trust have been built up through Alektum Group’s management of Qliro’s debt collection operations in the Scandinavian countries. Here, Alektum Group has provided solutions that have improved Qliro’s customers’ liquidity, cash flow and not least customer satisfaction.

The new agreement also includes a right for Alektum Group to continuously buy Qliro’s debt portfolios as “forward flow”.

“The importance of the contract is not least a strong proof of our constant strive to become the preferred debt collection partner – to deliver customer value and services of the highest quality”, says CEO Mats Augurell.

We know that behind every debt there is a person, and we are very happy that Qliro value our way to handle each individual based on their specific situation as we seek to find pragmatic solutions to solve every situation in the best way possible”.

The collaboration between Qliro AB and Alektum Group is based on the joint processes and unique IT-system, covering all markets, that Alektum Group has. Furthermore are the values of Alektum Group, with the ambition to provide individual handling of each consumer and their situation, an important factor.

“As we collaborate with Alektum Group in several of our markets, we see synergy effects that are valuable for us. The experiences and insights Alektum Group sees in our portfolios give us valuable feedback that has impacted and streamlined our underwriting, which provides Qliro with true value.” says Malin Hoffmann Portfolio Strategy Manager at Qliro AB.

About Qliro

Qliro, founded in 2014, is a leading fintech company in the Nordic market that offers flexible payment solutions for e-commerce, favorable deposit accounts and consumer loans. Since 2014, Qliro has grown rapidly and today has more than 3 million Nordic customers and approximately 200+ employees from at least 25 different countries. Qliro is headquartered in Stockholm and is a credit market company under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.