Perhaps you need to make decisions about new markets or segments, or evaluate which business area or products/services you should prioritise? Perhaps you are looking for relevant data to reposition your offer? A tailored market analysis will provide you with more profound, data-based information that you can utilise immediately. Based on your needs, we make the correct analysis.

How our market analysis creates more efficient marketing

We design our market analysis based on three types of analysis:

  • Customer profile analysis – we divide your existing customer group according to classification and long-term behaviours.
  • Registry analysis – provide a clear view of who your existing customers are by comparing them to external information.
  • Response analysis – shows what characterises campaign respondents, which provides insights that will make your marketing more cost effective over time.

We offer other services besides market analysis

We take a holistic approach and act long term – and not only when it comes to market analysis. Are there any other processes that you would like to spruce up? If you want to know more about how this service works together with our other services, please contact us for more information.