Updated customer records is a prerequisite for efficiently processing your customers and creating profitable business. Let us do the job.
Customer data is perishable and requires constant upkeep. Unattended customer records cost money in the form of lost business opportunities! Let us help you take care of your customer records. We ensure that your customer records are up to date – correct name, address, and telephone number. We remove duplicates and companies that no longer exist. If any information is missing, we make sure that it is added.

How we care for your customer records

  • Ongoing supervision of addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  • Additional services for your website: auto-completing fields when a customer fills in his/her telephone number or personal identity number (Sweden specific).
  • Selective measures according to your needs and wishes, for example, addition of personal identity number (Sweden specific) or telephone number.

We offer other services besides customer record maintenance

We consider the big picture and think long term – and not only when it comes to customer record maintenance. Are there any other processes that you would like to spruce up? If you want to more about how this service works together with our other services, please contact us for more information.