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Financing and factoring

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Financing and factoring

We offer simple and cost-effective, tailored business financing solutions and invoice services, allowing customers to free up resources and focus on their customers. Together with our customers, we create conditions for profitability and growth.

How can we contribute to a good cash-flow for our customers and their companies? Our different financial solutions, which we adjust to each individual customer, create solutions that allow our customers’ businesses to develop.

Our solutions are simple, flexible and fast. Our ambition is sufficient cash-flow for our customers, which they are often denied by other credit institutions. We prepare a special financing strategy for each company, creating capital for their business. Be it a comprehensive financing solution, invoice discounting, or a combination of the two, we ensure the solution meets the requirements and expectations of each individual customer.

Thanks to our analytical method, knowledge and extensive experience, we can make unique and relevant capital adequacy or capital contribution proposals. As part of our financing offer, we can also contribute by relieving our partners of administrative work. Invoicing and other administration often takes up expensive marketing and sales time, especially for start-up and growth companies. We support our customers with these services to give them time to build up their customer base.

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