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Debt purchase –

Take advantage of the unused cash flow

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Debt purchase

Your receivables are a great unused opportunity for increased cash flow. You can take advantage of this! We purchase the company’s overdue receivables — and you get the money straight away.

Do you want to release capital and resources? A purchase of receivables, where we buy your overdue receivables portfolio, allows you to increase your cash flow and avoid having capital tied up in invoices. You do not need to worry about unpaid invoices or lose time and money over this. We will take over that job!

Purchase of accounts receivable reduces your risk

We can take care of all or part of your receivables. Based on the company’s current requirements. By selling your receivables to us, we take over the risk and the work with getting paid for your invoices. You can spend your valuable time and energy on generating new business instead.

Sell your receivables — not your client relationship

Chose your business partners carefully. Alektum Group’s basic, unique approach is there to protect you: our ambition is for you as a client to get your money back whilst retaining your customer relationship. Our procedures and careful processes in connection with purchase of receivables have a clear focus: you should continue to have a good relationship with the affected customers.

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