Many believe that going to summons is the last chance to get their invoices paid - it is not.

We're proud to offer a debt collection service which keeps the debtor in focus, and which is sensitive to their own requirements. We think it's the best way to work: and we know that the benefits for our own customers are worth it. We try to protect the relationship you have with your customer, so much so that once they've paid their debt they're willing to buy from you again.

One of the ways we have to do this is through service of process. We have a team of people around Sweden whose job it is to carefully research and remind people about debts, keeping the cases open. We work in a way that we like to consider to be "going the extra mile" - careful research and groundwork, and then sensitive and human contact with plenty of advice and assistance offered.

Debts can be kept active for up to three years through service of process. And our colleagues who work with this part of the business do so with a friendly touch. It's led to great results - like a high ultimate success rate for collection.

In addition to this, our service of process can help with delivery of wills, notices of requirement, notices for electricity consumers, employment documentation, and more.

People who benefit from our services include building owners, debt collection agencies, utility companies and law firms. Our solution is of high quality, fast and secure and - thanks to our close cooperation with the rest of the Alektum Group - our information and systems are leading-edge and always up to date. We can also offer our customers legal advice from within the Group where necessary.

Our service of process comes with a high success rate and is applicable across sectors. Contact us to find out how it can help your business.