Our core business is debt collection, and the majority of our customers come into contact with us this way. Our debt collection service is unique in that it really places your own customer at the centre of the process: finding a way in which they can pay back what they owe and still have a good enough feeling about the process that they're more than willing to buy from you again.

Our range of services complements this process. The debt collection that we offer is bolstered by all of the other services within the Alektum Group - from finance administration to legal advice with a very broad scope.

However, we keep our own customers very close to all of this as well. We only charge for successful collection - so it's in our best interests to make sure that the system works. We specialise in high volumes and low costs, but are adaptable to your requirements. And we're at the end of a phone line when you need us: ready to offer our help, to answer your questions, and be involved in your team.