We want our customers to feel that one thing which sets us apart from the competition is the human touch - the person on the end of the phone line who's there to help.

The people who work with us are well-trained in helping your customers to make their payments. We use our competence and our systems to put together plans that are genuinely helpful and effective. This way, we work for a higher level of success in collections - and also, making sure that it's done sensitively is a way to preserve your own relationship with your customers.

The end user - your customer - is the most important part of the equation for us. We'll listen to them as well as talking to them: providing them with plenty of opportunities when it comes to getting in touch. We'll work on their terms where possible. And we'll always provide them with help, planning and advice - meaning that they continue to be a good customer of yours for the foreseeable future. All debts are treated equally in this process. The person on the end of the phone line is the most important part of the equation.

If you have more questions about the ways in which we collect payments, please contact us.