If you're a customer of our debt collection service, or thinking about becoming a customer of our debt collection service, you can make use of a very wide range of ways in which we can help.

When it comes to collection, we want the debtor to understand that they have a variety of options. We'll work with them so that they can find an effective and suitable way to pay back what they owe - preserving the relationship that you have with them.

We do this through dialogue, well-developed and versatile systems, and adherence to the right guidelines and processes - every step of the way. So you're not just getting the money back. Your relationship with the customer is developed and preserved, meaning that they're willing to buy from you again.

We've often stated that our speciality is small-sum consumer debt collection: but it's also the case that we will work very closely with your team to find the right solution for your own individual requirements. We can offer help in the following areas:

• Invoice security
• Reminder management
• Debt collection
• Solvency control
• Payment procedures
• Summons
• Forepayment for bankruptcy
• Filing for bankruptcy
• Bankruptcy watch
• Control of assets and security
• Notification by a private service company
• Instalment plans and Alerts
• After security

If you're interested in finding out how a credit management company can deliver effective debt collection that keeps your customer onside, please get in touch. We look forward to working with you.