We have expertise in all stages of the process, from reminder through to eviction. And we ensure that the eventual solution is as suitable as possible for all of the parties involved in the process.

Our team brings the professionalism and experience required to the job. We understand the legal complexities that are often involved, and - throughout the process - we incorporate our understanding of everyone's situation, and a high level of personal contact.

We can help with:

  • Commercial premises
  • Apartments
  • Tenant ownership rights


Reminder services

Landlords and those responsible for properties are familiar with the issue of reminding tenants that they need to make their payments regularly, on time and in full. Payments of the right amounts, made on the right dates, are necessary for the health of your own finances. Our goal is to take this task on for you. And we do it in a way that preserves and develops good relationships, as well as instilling a sense of real value in the prompt and full payment of rent. 

Debt collection

Our method focuses on the tenant's situation as well as your own, and is entirely geared towards finding the most beneficial solution for everyone. And if things become complicated, we have the insight, dedication and know-how to solve the problem in the most beneficial manner. We can deliver advice, support and expertise for every stage of the process, from payment to summons.

Debt surveillance

We can help reduce losses and administration through debt surveillance: keeping the debts active until they are paid. Our approach is always customer-centric and designed to reduce bad will: while we maintain focus on a positive result for you at the same time. We can help with monitoring, and all of the processes associated with debt surveillance.

People who work with us receive more than these services alone. We can also provide support, advice and even training in the necessary areas. Our team is on hand to help when you need us, and ready to work in close partnership with you. Our goal, through this, is that you receive the money owed - as well as maintaining a good relationship with the tenant.

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