Contact your administrator first

Always turn to customer services first. If you have objections relating to a specific case, such as an objection that you, for some reason, are not liable for payment, you should speak with your administrator first. His/her name is on the collection letter that you received from us.

How to submit a written complaint

If you are still not satisfied after you have been in contact with our customer service or your administrator, you can submit a written complaint; either via e-mail or via our online service Plan & Pay.

It is important that you provide a clear and detailed account of what has happened. Try to be as concrete as possible and always include the following information:

  • Your contact information (name, phone number and e-mail address).
  • Your case number (if the complaint refers to a case in our files).
  • The reason why you are unhappy and in which way Alektum Group has made a mistake, in your opinion.
  • When the incident took place and which method of contact you used (letter, telephone, e-mail).

What happens next?

All complaints are registered according to our policy, which means that your case is swiftly and objectively investigated by a different person than the one who initially handled your case. We will get back to you as soon as the investigation is finalised.


Please refer to Cookies and personal data for information on how we handle your personal information.