It is perhaps best to start describing Decidas, the market-leading information tool that provides you with unparalleled information on your customers and can deliver great business opportunities, in a three-stage basic model.

  1. Firstly, we make sure that your own customer records are up to date. We do this through our tailor-made, best-in-class search engine that keeps track of your customers and delivers essential information without infringing their privacy.
  1. We check for creditworthiness with a tool that provides a much more refined answer than all of the others on the market: not being too strict with the decision but also not putting you or your customer in any unnecessary risk. Simply put, this means better opportunities and increased sales for you.
  1. We keep track of the info. What your customers' payments habits are like, as well as where they can be reached.

We tweak this model for individual requirements — depending on how you want to receive and deliver your own information. We can provide either off-the-shelf customer information solutions, or tailor a solution just for your business. We can receive the information about your customer base in a way that suits you and we'll provide you with the information you need when you need it.

Decidas is a part of the Alektum Group Information solution. It is correctly regulated and secured and provides essential information that almost all of our customers benefit from. And it is part of a complete and trusted credit management solution.

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