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Credit information and decision support – Get more leads

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Credit information and decision support – Get more leads

Let us find all the customers you could do great business with. Even those who take a little bit longer to pay! In addition to serving you more qualitative leads, we can also deliver valuable customer insights that provide relevant business support. Discover credit information and decision support services.

Many companies use credit check tools that are too blunt, thus unnecessarily excluding customers. Our credit reporting company can offer you a tailored solution: a template that fits your business needs. Not so limiting that you exclude good customers, not so forgiving that you lose money unnecessarily.

  • We review how good your customers are at paying their debts.
  • We monitor changes in your customer base: address changes and ability to pay.
  • We use the information as a basis for evaluating and adjusting your credit template.

Good sales require updated customer records

Updated customer records are necessary for good sales and customer care. With access to the best search engine on the market, we offer a reliable system to update address information and add personal identity numbers (Sweden specific).

Note! This service is currently only available in Sweden. Visit their website for more information.

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