The way we do business

Sustainability is part of our daily operations and an integral part of all our decisions. We conduct our core business, debt collection, in an ethical and socially responsible manner. We are driven by a will to inspire and help people live a life they can afford, today and tomorrow, thereby creating sustainable finances for individuals, our customers, and for society as a whole.

In dialogue and collaboration with our stakeholders – the primary focus is on the following areas: Responsible Debt Collection, Employees, Social Responsibility, Diversity and Gender Equality, Customer Integrity, Risk Control, Anti-Corruption, and the Environment.

Our strong focus on these areas gives us the opportunity to deliver value to our customers, debtors, employees, and owners. Through our solid routines and processes, proactive work, regulatory compliance, and high business ethics, we ensure that we continuously reduce potential risks.

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Focus Areas

Debt Collection

Responsible and humane management of the debtors and their debts is based on transparency and clarity of the conditions that apply in society as well as the credit terms.

Our work involves seeking optimal ways for the debtor to move forward to a long-term sustainable financial situation. Being able to carefully evaluate the different perspectives of the debtor’s situation are keys to Alektum Group’s decision regarding the individual debtor’s case.

Social Responsibility

Our ambition is to contribute to people gaining balance in their personal finances and thereby control over their expenses. We do this by raising the issue of over-consumption and work actively to counteract it and thereby also over-indebtedness.

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Customer Integrity

To protect the debtor’s personal information and safeguard their privacy is pivotal to us. Integrity is an obvious part of good customer and debtor relations and is based on compliance with laws and internal regulations that specify how data is to be protected or used.

The large amount of personal data we handle means that integrity and secure data management is a crucial sustainability issue. We have both a legal and ethical responsibility to handle sensitive information in a way that guarantees respect for personal integrity.


We must act ethically correct in all parts of our business. We never accept corruption and act directly against corruption in all its forms. Our work against corruption is proactive, with the aim to detect and prevent.

Debt collection, which is our main business, entails high demands on business ethics and responsibility for the impact our actions have on people and society. The basis for us is to always follow the laws and regulations that apply in the countries where we operate. Our corporate culture is key and a guiding light in this work. The basis of the culture is the values that have guided us since Alektum Group started and which are firmly rooted in our business model.

The strategic direction for our work with sustainability issues is determined by the CEO, who is also ultimately responsible for them.

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