The way we do business

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are integral parts of Alektum Group’s culture, values, and business, and based on our vision To help and inspire people to live a life they can afford. Our sustainability efforts are aimed at promoting social and economic sustainability for our customers, debtors, and employees, and making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

We believe in conducting fair and ethical debt collection while helping and inspiring individuals to achieve balanced personal finances. In the past year, we have made great progress, including developing a clear and measurable sustainability agenda with targets for the future. In dialogue and collaboration with our stakeholders, the primary focus is on fair & ethical debt collection, governance, social responsibility, and creating a sustainable workplace.

Our strong focus on these areas gives us the opportunity to deliver value to our customers, debtors, employees, and owners. Through our solid routines and processes, proactive work, regulatory compliance, and high business ethics, we continuously reduce potential risks.

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Focus Areas

Fair & Ethical Debt Collection

Fair and ethical debt collection practice is vital to our business. We, therefore, have extensive educational programs for our employees so that they can provide the best service to both customers and the debtors. At the same time, we have implemented solutions that ensure a smooth experience tailored specifically toward each debtor.

We aim to exceed customer expectations by the way we conduct business and through the respectful treatment of defaulting payers.


Compliance and privacy protection are top priorities for us as we operate in a highly regulated industry. We have a strong focus on activities related to data privacy and information security and policies and procedures have been adjusted to reflect the risk situation.

Regular compliance audits are carried out at a Group level, such as audits regarding disputes, debt collection, and GDPR. Internal courses are held regularly to ensure awareness and knowledge.

Social Responsibility

Our goal is to empower and enable people to make informed decisions and take control of their personal finances. We aim to enable sustainable finances for our debtors and customers, and to increase financial literacy among children and adults through our various CSR initiatives. By raising the issue of over-consumption and financial literacy, and working actively to counteract it, we thereby also minimise the risk of over-indebtedness.

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Sustainable Workplace

We believe that a sustainable workplace is vital to both engagement and a better customer experience, which is why we strive to provide healthy working conditions and an inclusive culture free from discrimination.

We aim to be perceived as a preferred employer. We have zero tolerance of workplace harassment and discrimination. Everyone is treated with equality, dignity, and respect.

Debt collection, which is our main business, entails high demands on business ethics and responsibility for the impact our actions have on people and society. The basis for us is to always follow the laws and regulations that apply in the countries where we operate. Our corporate culture is key and a guiding light in this work. The basis of the culture is the values that have guided us since Alektum Group started and which are firmly rooted in our business model.

The strategic direction for our work with sustainability issues is determined by the CEO, who is also ultimately responsible for them.

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