Management & Board

The family ownership of Alektum Group provides stability and continuity with a long term focus and a controlled risk profile. The Group holds a well-established Management Team and a reputable Board of Directors with valuable and profound experience.

Management Team

    • Mats Augurell

    • CEO
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    Mats has been the company CEO since 2015. Prior to this Mats was chairman of the Alektum Group board for eight years. Mats has extensive experience from executive positions within the financial and the tech industry, as well as multiple board assignments.

    • Magnus Widén

    • EVP Corporate Development
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    With a background in management consulting, and several CFO positions Magnus joined Alektum Group in 2015. Today Magnus leads Alektum Group’s innovative work to find and develop new business opportunities.

    • Jesper Dorph

    • COO Europe
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    Jesper joined Alektum Group in 2010 and has held multiple positions within the company including Managing Director of the Danish subsidiary. Jesper became COO of Alektum Group in 2018.

    • Catharina Bergquist

    • CLO
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    Catharina joined Alektum Group in 2015 as Chief Legal Officer.  She had previously worked as an attorney at, among others, Law&Solution. She is the architect behind Alektum Groups engrained compliance set-up.

    • Magnus Olofsson

    • CFO
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    Magnus became CFO of Alektum Group in 2017. He has extensive and prior experience from the debt collection business, not least from Lindorff Sweden. Magnus has also worked as CFO for companies such as Todos and Hefa.

    • Camilla Hennemann

    • CIO
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    Having been with the company since 1997 Camilla has an extensive knowledge of the business. Having been the group’s CIO since 2015, Camilla has for a long time been the driving force behind the architecture of Alektum Group’s top of the line IT system.

    • Michael Foss

    • SVP Sales
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    Michael joined Alektum Group during 2020, and his extensive experience in sales and business development will further strengthen the company. Michael’s previous experience comes from companies such as Accenture and Nasdaq.

    • Moa Tyborn

    • SVP Corporate Communications & Marketing
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    Moa joined the company in 2018. She has extensive experience from B2B marketing. The Shop Lagom initiative is proof of her ability to build compelling and strong brands. The initiative has not only started to transform the company image, it also associates purpose and sustainability with the Alektum Group brand.

    • Petra Sundström

    • SVP HR
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    Petra joined Alektum Group in 2017 after a long and successful background from HR and organisational work, among others at Husqvarna. Through her experience she has laid the foundation for the Alektum Group performance culture.

Board of Directors

    • Peter Sjunnesson

    • Chairman of the Board
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    Peter joined the board of Alektum Group in 2020. He has vast experience from the debt collection and fintech business not least as former CEO of Intrum and Lindorff. Today Peter is chairman of Billogram and Hemma bolån and has previously been chairman of Klarna and served on the board for companies such as Qliro Group, Lindorff and Dibs.

    • Tommy Gustavsson

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    As the son of Gösta Tommy was brought up in the debt collection business. Therefore Tommy has seen more or less every aspects of the business. During the years he acquired vast experience in analysis, evaluation and purchase of debt portfolios.

    • Stefan Brocker

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    Stefan Brocker has been a board member of Alektum Group since 2019. Stefan Brocker is a partner at Mannheimer Swartling and a lawyer specialised in commercial litigation and arbitration.

    • Hans Jacobson

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    Hans Jacobson joined the board in 2018 after spending close to 40 years in the banking industry and Nordea. Hans has great experience from executive positions such as being Managing Director for Nordea Sweden for eight years. Since 2015 Hans is a management consultant and board professional.

    • Per Wiberg

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    Per, who joined the board in 2007, has a vast board experience, He is active as a board professional and management consultant and has experience from several retailers. Prior to board assignments Per was CEO of Lightlab AB, ICA Specialty Products, Viking Fruit and held various senior positions within ICA for 30 years

    • Marie Gustavsson

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    Marie Gustavsson is the daughter of Gösta. Like Tommy, she has followed in her father’s footsteps. In 1996 she founded Aktiv Delgivning, a subsidiary of Alektum Group. With great experience in the industry and our company, Marie plays an important role in our board.

    • Gösta Gustavsson

    • Founder
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    Gösta Gustavsson founded Allmänna Inkassobyrån (from 2014 Alektum Group) after many years in the debt collection business. Without overstating it, there are very few things about the business that Gösta does not know. Gösta establised the foundation and the groundwork for the company