Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility have always been important parts of the Alektum Group culture. We believe in making a difference in society, for our customers and for our customer’s customers. We live in a time where more people consume above their means and end up in unsustainable situations, which is not good for anyone – not for the over-indebted, not for the debt collection companies and not for businesses. We want to give people the opportunity to live the life they want – and can afford – today and tomorrow.

The PennyPep

We now live in a world filled with financial worries and insecurities, and we know that people everywhere across Europe feel stress about their personal finances. We also know that a large portion of the population doesn’t have enough knowledge when it comes to basic financial concepts, also known as financial literacy, especially among young people. In our near-cashless society, money and its value is becoming more or less an abstract concept, and all the more difficult for parents to explain and for children to understand. Through the Penny Pep, we want to lay the foundation for tomorrow’s adults to be able to step out into adulthood with good, healthy, and sustainable financial habits that minimise the risk of financial troubles later on in life.

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Shop Lagom

Launched in 2019, the Shop Lagom initiative was started to inspire healthy and sustainable shopping habits and minimise over-indebtedness.

Unpaid debts are on the rise all across Europe, and more and more people are becoming over-indebted. Many of the collection notes that Alektum Group send out are still not fully paid after two years. In other words, many invoice- and credit purchases should never have been completed.

The website is the main hub for the initiative. Here you can find advice on managing personal finances, tips and tricks and a simple budget template that shows room for consumption.

As a collection company, we have an important role to fill in society. We can make a difference. With our initiative, Shop Lagom, our intention is to do just that. To inform and educate people on how to achieve financial balance is one part. Offering the right payment options based on payment ability is another. This way, we can help both individuals and companies to a more stable economy.

Mats Augurell, CEO Alektum Group

Our initiative, Shop Lagom, is fully aligned with our core values – social responsibility and financial sustainability. Unpaid debts are not good for anyone – not for the indebted, not for the merchants, not for us or for society as a whole. Through Shop Lagom we want to highlight an important, but rarely talked about, social issue that affects many.” 

Moa Tyborn, SVP Corporate Communications & Marketing, Alektum Group

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