Today, 16 January 2019, Alektum Oy have appealed the decision of the Southern Regional State Administrative Agency to withdraw our debt collection license to the Administrative Court in Finland. As a part of the appeal process, Alektum Oy has asked the Administrative Court to deny the enforcement of the decision (inhibition).

The main ground for our appeal is that we consider the relation between the complaints and the consequence of the decision to be out of proportion. Added to this we regard the interests of debtors, our customers and ultimately the confidence of the social contract being taken to lightly. The debtor risk not least additional interest on their debts, our customers risk to not get paid for delivered services and products and the social contract potentially risks deteriorating.

Based on these arguments and the actions of Alektum Oy during the fall of 2018 we are hopeful that the court will find a quick solution of the situation.

The fact that Alektum Oy was not notified by the Southern Regional State Administrative Agency in advance of the potential decision, and therefore did not have the possibility to demonstrate the taken corrective actions is furthermore disturbing.

Parallel to the appeal process Alektum Group is investigating all other opportunities to be up and running as soon as possible, so that the decision will have as low effect as possible for customers, debtors and the trust of the business society.