Debt collection methods threatening legal consequences are not very useful for associations. Instead, smart invoicing and ledger systems and procedures can make a difference and they also replace time-consuming manual work.

“Associations, which often rely on volunteer workers, don’t have a sporting chance in the world of being able to cope without smart IT systems to manage revenue and expenditure, especially with regards to registration and membership fees, which are crucial for enabling the associations to remain solvent,” said Alexander Gustafsson Flink at Alektum Group.

The system monitors everything and tells the association if a payment has not been received on time.

“Often, treasurers feel reluctant to demand payment, especially from people they know. However, the system does not send any debt collection demands. Instead, it issues electronic and postal reminders of unpaid fees to association members,” said Alexander.

Developing invoice processing forms part of a larger project aimed at replacing demanding manual work with software solutions. So far, six associations and federations have subscribed to the service: Shooting sports, biathlon, figure skating, cycling, Icelandic horses and gymnastics.

“Our previous system enabled us to survive, but only just; we had to be very hands on every step of the way. This new system is efficient and rational and will almost certainly be welcomed with open arms by our associations. It will give us more time for sport, more time for gymnastics!” said Johanna Persson, head of operations at the Swedish Gymnastic Association (Gymnastikförbundet), which is the latest association to join the service.

The investment made by these specialist associations is spreading around Swedish associations. Several other associations have already expressed an interest in the system.

If you have any further questions, please contact: Alexander Gustafsson Flink, Account Manager, Customer Development, Tel. +46 (0)708 63 86 11, or Fredrik Rudhede, VP, Customer Development, Tel. +46 (0)709 43 44 00.