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We have been in operation since 1992, initially as a debt collection company. Today, we operate in 18 European markets, three of which are partners, with around 650 employees and a turnover exceeding SEK 1,2 billion.

This is Alektum Group 

From the moment we wake, our reality, our success, and our future rest on the strength of one single thing: relationships. We all depend on them. Business included. And their secret? Trust. A value that is ingrained in the Scandinavian business culture of Alektum Group.

Our experience dealing with all stakeholders in an organisation’s ecosystem means we understand the different perspectives, pressures, and needs at every link in the value chain. It allows us to find the best solution that works for everyone.

It also requires understanding. One size does not fit all. It takes tailored solutions to create a business advantage.

As a Swedish family company, our long-term perspective guides everything we do, as we help our customers grow their business, based on enduring commitment.

Supported by our own unique IT system and international database, we partner with you as a customer and provide you with highly accurate insight, enabling quicker decision-making and protecting your relationships from harm.

We find solutions that unlock value, harnessing local knowledge across international markets, delivering our far-reaching offer from a single point of contact, by simplifying the complex from beginning to end.

We handle your business. With care.

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