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Legal advice for specific business stages

Legal advice for specific business stages

Our legal team can offer advice based on individual phases of your business.

How can we help your business?

Regardless of the phase your business is in, you always need legal help. Be it related to simple legislative issues, or more complex representation and advice. We're here to help.

What our customers say

I always receive a good and fast response from my contact at Alektum Group Legal.
I'm really happy so far. Quick response, a warm welcome, the job done as required. Much-appreciated status updates.
Victor Pettersson Hefab Fastighets AB
We have worked with Alektum Group Legal for years, and use several of their services. Competition is fierce in this section of the market, and it's hard to provide a unique offering: but Alektum deliver good, affordable advice.
Nina Allard Wallenstam AB (publ.)
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