The range of services we can provide for those of you who work with technology, media and communications highly varied. We'll help you collect debts, and do it in a way that preserves the relationship you have with your customer - so that they're willing to buy from you again. Our debt collection system is built to handle large volumes of small debts well, which is why many of our clients are in your industry.

We'll provide information about the customers you have, and provide you with information about the customers you'd like to have. We'll give you more opportunities to sell through an outstanding credit scoring system.  

Our information services enable you to keep track of customers who are on the move. We're one of five agencies in Sweden with a complete records database, and our proprietary search engine has been designed to give you a competitive advantage. We'll help you keep your records right up to date. We'll also provide market information services that can broaden your customer base, and help you market to them - even helping buy the media space for inserts.

Our finance services can help you with a wide range of services, from invoicing and reminders through to factoring. When you come into contact with us we'll find a way of working that suits your individual situation perfectly.

We're present across large parts of Europe for debt collection, which means that we can provide results and help customers who move abroad to make their payments. We're there when you need us. 

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