Sending out letters, reminders, collecting outstanding payments, and even controlling access to the services. Part and parcel of running an energy or utilities business. And each of these areas is something we're well equipped to help you with.

We work in a way that considers your individual requirements very carefully. But we also consider the end user - your own customer. By behaving in a way that takes their situation fully into account, we develop the relationship you have with them.

Alektum Group has a long history of helping its customers in the energy and utilities industries. We can cover all stages of the process within debt collection - up to controlling the service. But the fact that we offer a complete credit management process - from billing and reminder through to service of process - means that we can join you for every step of the process. And, we do it all in a way which is designed to preserve your relationship with your own customer, so that they keep using your services in the long term.

We can also help you market to your potential customers, and help you run direct marketing campaigns.

Whether it's finance solutions - from administration and ledger services to invoice financing - or debt collection specialised for your industry, we can offer you help and advice. Furthermore, our legal team is always on hand to help out with enquiries both big and small. 

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