We can help our bank and finance customers with effective debt collection that considers the debtor's needs. The intention is to keep a good relationship with the end user - meaning that they're happy to do business again, after the debt has been paid.

You can also take advantage of an industry-leading information service. We're one of five agencies in Sweden with a complete citizen database, and a custom-built engine for analysing the data which has the potential to boost opportunities for all of our customers. And our market information service can also provide our customers with unparalleled insights into their existing - and new - customer bases. (We'll even help you to negotiate great deals on media space for direct marketing.)

Our legal team has a wealth of experience relating to the finance sector. Our own finance department can provide fuss-free administrative support and reporting. And our service of process department carries out this essential service in a considerate and efficient manner - with a high success rate.

Our Capital division invests in debt portfolios and brings them into a system that collects older payments fairly, and with a high level of success. 

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