Blocking your personal identity number gives you higher protection against further fraudulent activity. (You can only request this if you have been a victim of fraud.)

How do I block my credit information?

First, call one of the credit information companies listed below. After you contact us, we will block your credit information for two weeks. The block prevents unauthorised parties from accessing your credit information.

If you want the block to apply for a longer period, you must send a letter and a copy of your police report to the credit information company you contacted, stating that you do not want us to give out your credit information. This must be done within two weeks after you first contacted the credit information company. After we receive your police report and letter, we will extend the fraud block for up to five years. You can request to have the fraud block lifted at any time.

The credit information company that you contacted will notify the other companies on the list, and they will also activate the fraud block in their registers. This will be done within one hour if you carry out your request during office hours. Doing this gives you even higher protection against any further fraudulent activities.

To have the block lifted, contact one of the credit information companies listed below. You will be sent a form to fill out and send back, in which you can request to have the block lifted. The form will be sent to the address that you are registered at, or to a special mailing address held by the population registration authority.

Credit information companies:

  • Bisnode Kredit AB
  • Creditsafe i Sverige AB
  • Decidas Info AB
  • Syna AB
  • UC AB