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Credit scoring

Our credit scoring service works across markets. This is an essential feature in today's ecommerce and home shopping sectors. And if your customers move, we can still deliver information to you - without intruding upon their privacy.

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In this section, you can find information that suits your own business requirements. If you work in any of the areas listed below and want to find out how we can provide a great credit management solution for you, follow the links.

What our customers are saying

Decidas opens up the opportunity for more business, securely. We also use Alektum Group's market information services in segmentation and selection (direct marketing). The personal touch they provide is very valuable to our relationship.
Mikael Rosendahl CEO Ateljé Margaretha
We have worked with Alektum Group Legal for years, and use several of their services. Competition is fierce in this section of the market, and it's hard to provide a unique offering: but Alektum deliver good, affordable advice.
Nina Allard Wallenstam AB (publ.)
My choice of service companies for getting things done quickly, smoothly and easily.
Peter Gustavsson Pergus Law Firm
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