Sweden's five leading credit rating companies are collaborating to offer protection against fraud. Now victims of fraud can have their credit information blocked with all five of these credit rating companies by making a single phone call.

- Many fraud victims are initially shocked to discover or suspect that someone has stolen their identity to make purchases or take out a loan. It's good to be able to offer people in this situation an easy solution to protect themselves against future fraud," says Mats Augurell, CEO, Alektum Group AB, parent of the credit rating company Decidas Info.

About the collaboration
If you fall victim to fraud or attempted fraud, you can block your personal identity number free of charge with the credit rating companies listed below. You can only request the fraud block if you have been a victim of fraud. Blocking your personal identity number gives you higher protection against future fraud.

What to do:

  • Call one or the five credit rating companies in the collaboration and block your credit information.
  • We will immediately block your credit information for two weeks (and within an hour your credit information will also be blocked with the other collaborating credit rating companies). The block prevents unauthorised parties from obtaining your credit information from the collaborating credit rating companies.
  • Within two weeks after contacting us, you must send us a copy of your police report of the fraud along with a letter stating "I do not want you to disclose my credit information." In the letter, you can supplement the information in your police report with further details. The letter must be signed by you.
  • After we receive your police report and letter, we will extend your fraud block to make it valid for five years.
  • To have your fraud block lifted, contact one of the credit rating companies listed below. You will be sent a form requesting to have the block lifted, which you should fill out and return. The form will be sent to the address where you are registered for population purposes, or to a special mailing address registered with the population registration authority.

Press contact:

Gunnar Algemark, CEO Decidas Info, phone 0703-10 41 91 or gunnar.algemark@alektumgroup.com

Mats Augurell, CEO Alektum Group, phone 0708-799032 or mats.augurell@alektumgroup.com


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