- This is a good deal for us, and for our customers. MarketWise complements our value chain perfectly, adding many opportunities for our customers. We're also really looking forward to the industry's most experienced and knowledgeable employees, says Mats Augurell, CEO Alektum Group.

Market Wise is a company with strong growth and has, in recent years, become a well known player in the industry of direct marketing through its specialist knowledge and advisory role. Their business concept is to analyze and develop optimal target groups, and then identify marketing channels to best reach out to new customers: and it has been well received by the market.
- For us it was a natural development, to take the next step in building an even stronger offering to the market. Through becoming a part of Alektum Group exciting opportunities and possibilities for development and growth in direct marketing have been created, says Martin Olofsson, a founder of MarketWise and - after the takeover - COO of Alektum Information.

For further information, please contact:
Mats Augurell, CEO Alektum Group, phone 0708 79 90 32 or mats.augurell@alektumgroup.com
Martin Olofsson, COO Alektum information, telephone 0705 81 03 31 or martin.olofsson@alektumgroup.com