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About Alektum Group

We have been in operation since 1992, initially as a debt collection company. Today, we operate in 16 European markets, with around 500 employees and a turnover exceeding SEK 700 million.

Credit and financing rely on people having trust in each other. Business in Scandinavia is renowned for this trust. As a Swedish family business, we aspire to export this business culture to all of our markets, while also supporting our customers with local knowledge and expertise.

Like many other family businesses, we see things with a long-term perspective. We are interested in enduring relationships. Valuable customer contacts and payments demand trust and a long-term commitment. And this makes us a reliable partner.

We create business advantages by tailoring our offering to each customer, with a combination of long-term commitment and fast decision-making. Our far-reaching offering is handled by a single point of contact. Through innovative cooperation with our customers, we help them to develop their businesses.

Company presentation

Download the Alektum Group company presentation to learn more about us.

Alektum Group company presentation (English)

Alektum Group company presentation (Swedish)

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